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Attack of the Crazy Adobe Brick Making Machine from India!!!

I had to post a video of this awesome Indian adobe brick making contraption called the BBM300. The film posted here  was furnished on courtesy of  This device is great because if it were exported from India it would allow adobe brick makers in the U.S.& A  and other places to churn out adobe bricks in huge numbers very cheaply. As far as I am aware, no such adobe brick making machine as this is working in the United States at this time; however, someone should work on importing a few of these devices to North America.

This awesome brick making machine works it’s magic by having people add sand and clay into different hoppers and then this machine automatically adds a precisely calculated amount of water to the materials in it’s hoppers in a specialized mixing chamber. The BBM300 mixes sand, clay, and water which were added to the hoppers into a 70% sand and 30% clay mixture which is then presses out as adobe bricks, and made by the thousand. After the BBM300 presses out adobe bricks, these freshly minted mud bricks can be left out to dry in the sun until they are ready for use in a building project. Adobe is a cheap building material as it stands, but this machine has the potential to lower the cost of adobe even more.

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  1. We need a machine like this in New Mexico.
    Please contact me. I am very interested in the production of adobe in the Southwest United States

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